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f Franois called to ▓their attention.Whether it was out of gra▓titude for a sight of the fami●liar words of his native tongue,● or out of pity for the abje●ct creature who coughed so distressing▓ly and pointed to his ears like a deaf mute ●whenever a question was put to him, rare● was the man who did not give something.Fra●nois collected more than a hundred pias▓tres during that single promenade.Yet be▓fore we set out he had called me asid●e and drawn from an inner pocket ▓a purse that contained twenty-six English so●vereigns in gold! But it ●was his method of dispensing his● income that made the Frenchman an enigma to ●his confidants.F

ers he had
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ranois neit▓her drank nor smoked; he rarely, if ev▓er, indulged even in the mil●dest dissipation.Not far from the Asile, he st▓opped at a café for his petit déjeuner ●of chocolate and rolls and his● morning paper; and, had he met▓ the Khedive himself out for a stroll, Fran●ois would not have appealed to him before tha▓t breakfast was over.He was strictly a uni●on ma

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n, was Franois, in his hours of labor▓. But his daily expenditures▓ were for bed and breakfast only.There 214were▓ scores of French chefs in Cairo, ever r●eady to welcome whomever knew the kitchen do▓or and the language of the cuisine.● If his shoes wore out, there were sev▓eral French shops in the vicinity of t●he Esbekieh Gardens.If he were in need o●f nothing more costly than a bar o▓f soap, Franois begged one of the▓ first d

me to ▓ti


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ruggist he came upon.T●he sovereigns which cosmopolitan Cairo ▓thrust upon him were spent almo▓st entirely for souvenirs for his re●latives in P

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Vivamus non est

aris.The most costly alb▓ums of Cairene views, fine b▓rass ware, dainty ornaments of native manufactu●rer were packed in the bazaars a●nd shipped away to those fort

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Suspendisse luctus

▓unate brothers, sisters, and cousins ●of Franois in the French capital.Only once in▓ twenty-three years had he v●isited them, but few were th

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Integer accumsan

e towns and citie▓s of all Europe the arts and ma●nufactures of which were not rep▓resented in that Parisian household●.As a supplement to his g

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Aliquam massa

ifts, there came se●mi-annually a letter from Franois, announci●ng some new success in his career as● a traveling salesman. An Arab

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Fusce feugiat

market-●day at the village of Gizeh CH▓APTER X THE LAND OF THE NILE One● fine morning, some two weeks after my i●ntroduc


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Proin varius magna sed orci venenatis

tion to Tom, I vacated my post in the co●nsul’s household and set about▓ laying plans for a journey u▓p the Nile.My wages had not been recko▓ned on the American scale, but for all th▓at I was a man of comparative affluence when I ▓turned off the Moosky for my last visit to th●e headquarters of “the union.” ● The German is nothing if not systemat●ic, be he prime minister or erran●t adventurer.The Teutonic tramp● does not wander at random t●hrough lands o

f which his kn●owledge is chaotic or nil.He profit●s by the experience of his fellow●-ramblers.If he covers an unkn●own route, he returns with a note●book full of information for his fellows●.Thanks to this method, the German ▓beggar colony of Cairo had long contained a bur▓eau of information to which many a va●gabond of other nationality bewailed his lin▓guistic inability to gain access.The archive▓s

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of “the union” were particu●larly rich in Egyptian lore.For there is b●ut one route in Egypt.He who has ▓once journeyed up or down the Nile, with open● eyes, is an authority on the whole ●country. Several of die K●unde were romping about on as many verm▓in colonies when I entered, on this● February afternoon, the room▓ in which Pia was accustomed to pen hi▓s eleemosynary masterpieces.I●t was an informal and chance gatherin●g that included nearly every● a

uthority in “the union” on the territory▓ beyond the Tombs of the Mamel▓ukes.My projected journey awakened great inte▓rest in all the group. “As for myself,” sai●d Pia, “I can’t see why you● go.Most of the comrades do, of course, but t●hey will make the journey worth wh▓ile.As for a man who will only w●ork! Pah! You will starve and die in th●e sands up there.” The emaciated ▓door wa

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Sed tempus libero consectetur

s kicked open and a burly y▓oung man entered and threw himself across the▓ foot of one of the cots. “A●h, now,” Pia went on, “there is Heinrich.▓He is going up the Nile too, in a few d●ays.He’s been up six times a▓lready.Why don’t 216you go up● with him He knows all the ropes and you, being● an American—” “Was!” roared the n▓ewcomer, “Ein Amerikaner Going ▓up the river Shake, mein lieber! We go up ●together! We’ll do more busin●ess—”

“But if I go up, I’ll spend co●nsiderable time sight-seeing—” “Sights● There’s something I never could ▓understand.All the tourists go up to see ●sights! Thank the Lord they do;● what would the business be without the▓m But what the devil do they see● Hundreds of miles of dry, choking sand, w▓ith nothing but dirty Nile water to wash it ●off your face and out of your t


●hroat! A lot of smashed-up rocks, covered● with pictures of hens and roosters, all red h▓ot under the cursed sun that never stops▓ blazing.And besides that, nigge▓rs—millions of dirty niggers, b●lind niggers, and half-blind ●niggers who do nothing but cra▓wl around after decent white men ●and beg.That’s all there is ▓in Egypt, if you go up the Nile, till ▓you come to the sudd-fields o●f Uganda.” “Well what do you go up fo●r” I asked.Even this brief acqu●aintance with Heinrich convinced m●e that he w

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